Our Litho printing division at Aim Print is one of the many types of printing we specialise in and have been doing so for over 20 years. We are equipped with the finest machinery in the industry. With our Heidelberg full colour Speed Master and other numerous printing machines, we can do your medium to long runs with superior colour and the highest print quality. Recently introduced to our factory is the Computer To Plate system making the whole process much easier, faster and environmentally friendly. Lithography is popular due to its low cost, versatility and high quality of its results. We print books, brochures, catalogues, labels, letterheads, magazines, posters, product packaging, stationery etc.

Advantages of Litho Printing

Printing is not limited to four colour process – special or spot inks can be included to enhance the product.
Litho printing is recommended for large areas of solid single colour. The colour comes out smoother and no pixels can be seen.
The introduction of computer to plate (CTP) making has resulted in quicker plate making and modern computer controlled presses can speed up the process of colour control and getting plates into accurate register.


Offset lithography creates clear, smooth, sharp images and text on a variety of materials. With traditional lithography, the blanket (that is, the part of the press which presses against the paper or printing surface) is made of a soft rubber which conforms to almost any paper surface or material, unlike systems which use inflexible metal plates for printing.

Low Cost

Much of the expense of printing with lithography comes from setup costs, and printing requires little maintenance. Lithography isn’t cheaper for small projects. However, the unit cost of each page goes down as the quantity printed goes up, making offset lithographic printing the cheapest, most cost-effective method for producing commercial quantities of high-quality printed items.


Lithographic printers use equipment for any length of press run. The slower, more precise sheet-fed lithographic presses are used for short- and medium-run printing like art reproduction, coupons, direct mail inserts, greeting cards and posters. The high-speed, more efficient web presses are used for medium- and long-run printing like advertising flyers, books, catalogues, magazines and newspapers. In addition, lithographic presses work not just on paper but on a wide variety of printing surfaces, including cloth, leather, metal, plastic and wood.